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Fantasy Baseball: Will Roy Halladay Win 20 Games in 2010??

I was listening to the Baseball This Morning show yesterday with Steve Davis and Bill Ripken (why do the hosts of this show constantly change?), and Davis mentioned that by switching leagues Halladay can win 23-24 games in Philadelphia in 2010. I said to myself, we heard this talk about Johan Santana last year and there is no way he wins 20+ games with that bullpen.

Then I read Eric Karabell's blog where he was discussing his Top 11-20 rankings. He ranked Halladay at #17 and followed with this comment:

If anyone is going to win 20 games in 2010, I think it's Halladay or CC Sabathia

Before the hype starts, I want to put this one to rest now. I am not going to say he doesn't win 20 games, but I think it is unrealistic to expect that going into your 2010 drafts. Wins are so unpredictable and hinge on so many factors outside the control of the starting pitcher. This is why I think wins should be replaced as a category in fantasy leagues with a stat that is more predictable or consistent, like K/BB.

Does Halladay win 20 games in 2010?