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Down on the Farm: Project Prospect's Top 10 Prospects for 2010

I interviewed Adam Foster from Project Prospect awhile back, and he was kind enough to share his Top 10 prospects for 2010 with me, with a caveat. The Top 10 are in alphabetical order, and not his ranking. But, he will announce his rankings later this week over at Project Prospect.

Here is the list of his top 10 prospects in alphabetical order:

Dustin Ackley

Jason Heyward

Desmond Jennings

Fernando Martinez

Brian Matusz

Jesus Montero

Buster Posey

Carlos Santana

Justin Smoak

Stephen Strasburg

Foster also conducted an informal Twitter poll last weekend on who fellow "twits" feel is the top prospect in baseball. The results of the poll showed Heyward and Strasburg as the top two prospects. Here is what he said about the results of the poll:

In other words, one of the two most popular prospects in baseball isn't ranked No. 1 or 2 on our list. And thousands of hours of scouting, quantitative studies and prospect analysis experience have shaped our decision.

My guess is Strasburg is not in the top two.

I'll have some direct quotes from his Top 10 scouting reports over the next few days.