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Down on the Farm: More Tidbits from Baseball America's Top 10 List Chats

To continue from my post last evening, here are a few more selections from the BA Top 10 List chats:


jacob (florida): where will josh bell rank in the 2010 top 100?

Will Lingo: That's a good question, and even harder to figure out than guessing where the Orioles will finish in our org rankings until we actually start putting together the lists. I would guess in the 25-50 range.

amy (boston): Ladies first! How certain are you that Erbe will move to the 'pen? Does he have closer stuff for sure or will he most likely top off as a set up guy?

Will Lingo: Sorry you weren't first Amy, but glad to get to your question. I don't think it's certain that Erbe will move to the pen, and the Orioles won't make that move until they have to, but if you ask me my gut feel then I do think he will end up as a reliever. I don't think we can ever say with certainty that a guy will be a closer until we see him pitch in the late innings in the big leagues, but he as the pure stuff that would allow him to fill that role. Obviously it would be safer to just project him as a set-up guy.

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Blue Jays

Steven (St. Louis): Interesting take on Zach Stewart. He's an intriguing pitcher, but I always saw him as a future closer. Is the development of his changeup what will determine his future?

Nathan Rode: It absolutely is. The reports I got made it seem that the changeup shows enough potential that he can start. He'll be given the at Triple-A next season. But the closer option is one to fall back on and a very good option at that.

Dale (Roswell): No David Cooper questions? How do you think he will do in the Majors, and when will he get there? Thanks!

Nathan Rode: Wow, have I not answered any yet? I saw some good ones too. Well here you go. Cooper's year wasn't great, especially considering how much stock is put into his bat. He has the inside track to the first base job should Lyle Overbay be traded or depart once his contract is up. Cooper could hit for a high average but doesn't show a ton of power, at least not what you would expect out of a first baseman. His defense isn't great at first base but he did work hard over there this season after admitting he never really did before. With a good season he could get a taste of the big leagues in 2010 and settle there in 2011.

Clint (BC): Do you see either Drabrek or Stewart up with Toronto at some point in 2010?

Nathan Rode: I think there's a very good chance of seeing both in 2010, with Stewart making it first.