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Fantasy Baseball: More Under-Valued Players for Mixed League Drafts

All fantasy owners scope out mock drafts leading up to their own draft to find the guys who are being under-valued by the experts, or by the mock-drafters. Here are a few more guys who I think can out-perform their draft position in 2010:

1. Carlos Lee-Lee is being drafted in the 5th-6th rounds of some of the mock drafts I have participated in. He has averaged 31-100+ over the last 7 years, and should approach those numbers in 2010. Bill James projects Lee to go 29-107-.293-.351-.503 in 2010.

2. Manny Ramirez-Manny was not Manny in 2009, partly because he reported to spring training late, then he was suspended for 50 games for taking some crazy steroid concoction, and was hit in the hand soon after returning from the suspension. He is a free agent after the 2010 season and will be playing for the final contract of his HOF career. I see 25-100-.300 in 2010.

3. J.J. Hardy-here are Hardy's numbers for the last 3 seasons: 2007-26-80-.277; 2008-24-74-.283; 2009-11-47-.229. Which one doesn't belong? Hardy moves to Minnesota and could approach his 2007-2008 seasons in 2010. Bill James agrees-19-68-.254.

4. Geovany Soto-Soto battled several injuries in 2009. After a great rookie season which saw him go 23-86-.285-.364-.504, Soto slumped to 11-47-.218-.321-.381, as a shoulder injury zapped his power. James has him rebounding with a 20-79-.273-.361-.469 slash line in 2010. I agree.

5. Brandon Webb-he was drafted in the 13th round of my recent mixed league draft, and as much as it pains me, a Dodgers fan, to say it, Webb could easily outperform his draft position in 2010. But that assumes he is healthy. James predicts him to go 13-7-3.40-1.24 and a K/BB ratio of 2.47.

All of these guys have question marks coming into 2010 drafts, which could result in huge rewards for fantasy owners willing to take a risk on draft day.