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Fantasy Baseball: Under-Valued Players for 2010 Mixed Leagues Drafts

Going into draft day, fantasy owners are looking for sleepers or guys who will be undervalued by the fantasy experts. I participated in a mixed league draft over at Mock Draft Central last Tuesday evening with Ian and found the following players who appear undervalued to me based on where they were drafted in this draft.

1. Derek Lowe-he was the very last player drafted in this draft. He is coming off a bad year in his ERA/WHIP, but did win 15 games. I see a bounce-back season from him.

2. Magglio Ordonez-he was the third-to-last player chosen in this draft. Bill James predicts a 17-84-.311-.376-.476 season from Ordonez in 2010.

3. Hideki Matsui-he was chosen in the 22nd round of this draft by Ian. He's coming off a 28-90-.274 season with the Yankees in 2009, and James projects a 23-88-.282-.367-.475 season in 2010.

4. Juan Pierre- He was drafted in the 22 round as well. My outfield spots were full by the 22nd round, otherwise I would have drafted the speedy OFer who will be a starter in Chicago in 2010. I see 50 SBs in 2010 from Pierre.

5. Franklin Gutierrez-he was chosen with the last pick in the 21st round. Gutierrez is coming off a 18-70-16,.283-.339-.425 season in 2009, and James projects him to go 17-67-14-.277-.336-.437 season in 2010.

Now, I can't say this draft is representative of most drafts, but these 5 guys stood out to me as undervalued going into the 2010 season. Winning fantasy league championships takes some luck, with your draft, and free agent pick-ups. It also depends on who can draft guys who will out-perform their expectations in 2010.