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Down on the Farm: John Sickel's Top 20 Rays Prospects for 2010

John posted his Top 20 Tampa Bay Rays prospects last evening over at Minor League Ball. This system is still stocked with solid prospects, even after producing Evan Longoria, David Price, Ben Zobrist, and BJ Upton. Here is what he thinks about the Rays farm system overall:

I love this system.

Not just the amazing aggregation of talent at the top, but the way they run the system really impresses me. The Rays can pick good college guys with developed skills. They can pick raw high school guys and turn them into players. They have an effective Latin American operation. They don't push guys too fast: they are particularly conservative with the high school arms, letting them percolate enough at each level. They are the Anti-Mets in that regard, and it really seems to work for them. They can even pick a guy like Rayner Oliveros (released by the Royals) off the scrap heap and get something out of him.

And here is what he had to say about  pitching prospect  Matt Moore, who some say will breakout in 2010:

4) Matt Moore, LHP, Grade B+: Strikeouts may be fascist, but apparently I have an inner authoritarian because I love strikeouts. Command problems preclude an A-, but the sky is the limit on Moore's potential.

Head on over to Minor League Ball to check out what John wrote about the rest of the Rays Top 20 prospects.