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Fantasy Baseball: Ray's Mixed League Mock Draft

I participated in another mixed league mock draft with Ian on Tuesday night, and here is how my draft went, drafting from the 6th spot:

R1-Matt Kemp-of course

R2- Ryan Zimmerman

R3-Joey Votto

R4-Nick Markakis

R5-Carlos Lee

R6-Bobby Abreu

R7-Jay Bruce

R8-Clayton Kershaw

R9-Ubaldo Jiminez

R10-Adrian Beltre

More after the jump:

R11-Nyjer Morgan

R12-Geovany Soto

R13-Jered Weaver

R14-Yunel Escobar

R15-Rafael Soriano

R16-Ryan Dempster

R17-Andy Pettitte

R18-Alcides Escobar

R19-Rich Harden

R20-Macier Izturis

R21-Joel Pineiro

R22-Chad Qualls

R23-John Baker

I think I drafted a good mix of power and speed with Kemp, Votto, Zimmerman, Lee, Bruce and Beltre providing the power, and Kemp, Morgan, Markakis, Escobar and Abreu providing the SBs.

I usually draft pitching late, and it shows. I didn't get any of the studs, I think I drafted some quality SPs in Kershaw, Ubaldo, Weaver, Dempster, Pineiro and Pettitte.