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Down on the Farm: John Sickel's Top 20 Astros Prospects for 2010

John posted his Top 20 Houston Astros prospects last evening over at Minor League Ball. This is what he thinks about the Astros farm system overall:

The system does have some strengths. The Latin American operation quietly continues to pump Grade C guys into the system, and some of the younger ones have upside beyond that. The scouting staff has done well in the last two drafts. The problems with this organization go back to short-sighted ownership decisions. If the baseball folks can maintain the momentum from the last two drafts, things will look up eventually.

And here is what he had to say about  SS prospect Jiovanni Miller:

3) Jiovanni Mier, SS, Grade B: Borderline B+, but I'd like to get some full-season data first. Well-balanced offensive and defensive prospect. Chance to be a national top 20 prospect a year from now if all goes well.

Head on over to Minor League Ball to check out what John wrote about the rest of the Astros Top 20 prospects.