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Fantasy Baseball: Ian's First Mock Draft.

Over at Mock Draft Central, Ray and I completed a mixed league, 5x5 mock draft.  I had the seventh pick in the 12-team draft.

R1- Prince Fielder.

R2- Grady Sizemore.

R3- Justin Upton

R4- Cliff Lee

R5- Lance Berkman

R6- B.J. Upton

R7- Tommy Hanson

R8- Chone Figgins

R9- Stephen Drew

R10- Heath Bell

The rest after the jump...

R11- Jorge Posada

R12- Neftali Feliz

R13- Max Scherzer

R14- Rickie Weeks

R15- Scott Kazmir

R16- Kevin Slowey

R17- J.J. Hardy

R18- Dexter Fowler

R19- Mike Gonzalez

R20- Cameron Maybin

R21- Matt Lindstrom

R22- Hideki Matsui

R23- Gerald Laird

- As you can see, I am loaded with speed with Grady Sizemore, B.J. Upton, Chone Figgins, Dexter Fowler and Cameron Maybin all able to steal at least 25 bases and Upton and Figgins over 40.

-In a few small moments of panic after noticing I was on the clock with second remaining, I selected Lance Berkman, B.J. Upton, Neftali Feliz and Stephen Drew. Drew comes with good upside at Shortstop and Feliz brings starter or elite relief upside.  Berkman should be good for 25-30 home runs with an average around .280.

- My starters are all high upside and if a few of them can either get back on track or pitch close to their potential, I could have a lethal core of pitchers.

-Also, I love Hideki Matsui and his upside in LAA. Especially in round 22.

- Justin Upton is good.