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Fantasy Baseball: Top 5 Florida Marlins for 2010

Today we bring you the Top 5 Florida Marlins for 2010 fantasy drafts. The list is headed by one of the best fantasy stars in baseball-Hanley Ramirez:

1. Hanley Ramirez-Ramirez was moved to the 3 hole in the Marlins order last season and everyone expected his HR and RBI numbers to jump. He did increase his RBI total to 106, and he hit .342 for the season, but the HRs were a bit disappointing, as were the SBs. Can his HR totals rebound in 2010?

2. Josh Johnson-Johnson has turned into an ace starting pitcher in the last year and a half. He contributes solid fantasy numbers in 4 of the 5 pitching categories for those in 5 x 5 leagues.

3. Dan Uggla-Uggla provides power and RBIs at a position that is usually lacking in the power department. Uggla gives fantasy owners a consistent 30-90 year after year, but is a trade candidate this offseason.

4. Jorge Cantu-Cantu doesn't hit for power on a consistent basis, but he did drive in 100 runs in 2009 for the first time since 2005. He is eligible at 1B or 3B, and is a candidate to be traded by the July 31st trade deadline with Logan Morrison on the way.

5. Ricky Nolasco-I have written previously that Nolasco is a bounce back candidate in 2010, as his peripheral stats in 2009 were solid. Nolasco will be undervalued in 2010 drafts.

Sleeper Alert-Cameron Maybin-Maybin was rushed to the majors last season and spent most of the season in AAA, but will be given a chance to flash his 5 tools for fantasy owners in 2010.