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Fantasy Baseball: Top 5 New York Mets for 2010

To continue the series of Top 5 fantasy players on each team, today we bring you the Top 5 New York Mets players that you should not forget on draft day:

1. David Wright-yes, I have been really down on Wright due to his drop in power in 2009, but he still provides owners with a solid average and stolen base numbers. The big question is does the power return in 2010?

2. Johan Santana-he used to be the top starting pitcher taken on draft boards, but no more. There are probably at least 5-6 pitchers who will be taken before him. He could prove to be a good value in the 3rd or 4th round. He was drafted in the 4th round of my recent mixed league draft.

3. Jose Reyes-if healthy again, but I am skeptical, he should steal 50 bases in 2010, with 100+ runs scored and an average around .285. IF.

4. Carlos Beltran-another guy, who if healthy, should provide a solid 4.5 categories for fantasy owners in 2010. His power numbers have dropped over the past few years, but he should provide a 20-20 season for fantasy owners with a solid .280-.300 average. He was drafted in the 8th round of my recent mixed league draft.

5. Jason Bay-if he can go 30-100 in the Mets ballpark, he could move up this list. As it stands now, I can see him going 25-90 in 2010.

This list was tough to put together as there are alot of question marks up and down the list due to injury concerns and the ballpark.

Sleeper Alert: Fernando Martinez-is this the year Martinez finally stays healthy and regains his elite prospect status? A bad start by Jeff Franceour could result in a mid-season call-up.

Note: I forgot to include the Phillies sleeper in the Phillies write-up. My Phillies sleeper for 2010 is Carlos Ruiz, as he has a great eye at the plate, and could produce 10+ HRs in 2010.