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MLB Trade Rumors: Who Should the Mets Trade: David Wright or Jose Reyes?

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I am not sure where I read this yesterday, but I do recall reading that Met's GM Omar Minaya would be "open-minded" about improving the Mets lineup in the offseason. Then I read on that the Mets are not going to change the dimensions of Citifield in 2010.

In the ESPN article, Mets manager Jerry Manuel gave the following quotes:

Manuel said that the Mets needed to see how Citi Field would play in its first season, and now they need to build a team whose style of play will fit their home park.

"We didn't know how the park would play," Manuel said, according to the Daily News. "It might look big but still could have possibly played small. Now that you see, you have to make a decision which way you're going. Are you going to try to go power, and not defense and speed and pitching?"

If you read between the lines, it seems to me that Manuel would rather build a team around pitching, speed and defense. Combine that with the Minaya quotes about being "open minded" as to improving the team, would the Mets consider trading David Wright?

Wright is their most valuable hitter since Jose Reyes value has declined due to his many hamstring and leg injuries over the past few years. The Mets certainly could get a boatload for Wright should they deal him.

We'll wait and see how the Minaya approaches this offseason, especially with rumors that the Wilpons may sell the team. Whether they sell the team or not, Minaya's hands may be tied in either case.

Makes for an interesting offseason, yet we have two months to wait for the hot stove season to start.