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Who Would You Rather Have: Justin Upton or Matt Kemp?

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I was listening to XM Radio's baseball channel on my way home from work this evening, and Mike Ferrin ended his 1 hour show saying "it will be fun to discuss who would you rather have: Justin Upton or Matt Kemp?" . I think someone asked the same question in Jim Callis' ESPN chat yesterday. And then I was reading Eric Seidman's chat over at Baseball Prospectus as he was asked the following question:

ssjames (Orange, CA ): How many players would take over the next 10 years ahead of Matt Kemp? Would there be any other outfielders on that list?

Eric Seidman: Justin Upton would be an outfielder ahead of him on my list for sure.

OK. I think everyone knows I am a huge Dodgers fan, and Kemp is my favorite player. It killed me to deal him in the UBA league with one more year left on his long-term contract, but I was playing for this year, and got alot back in return.

After Kemp his his 4th HR in his last 4 games on Tuesday night, I started thinking about a possible 30-30 season for Kemp....THIS year. Kemp hit 9 HRs in the month of August. He needs 7 more HRs and 1 SB to reach 30 in each category.

Upton has had a breakout year at the young age of 22. Here are their stats year-to-date:

Kemp, Matt CF LA 493 81 156 23 87 47 118 29 0.316 0.375 0.525
Upton, Justin RF ARI 422 76 133 23 72 47 109 18 0.315 0.385 0.569

Upton has hit 3rd most of the season, and until recently Kemp has hit 7th or 8th most of the season. I believe next season will be a better barometer for what Kemp can do as he will more than likely hit in the middle of the Dodgers lineup where he belongs. This is not to take anything away from Upton who is a great young hitter.

Their stats are VERY similar, with Upton showing more power, and Kemp more speed. I think both will be 1st round picks in NL only leagues next year, and should go 1st-2nd round in mixed leagues.

Yes, I am high on both.