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Fantasy Baseball: 2010 AL Keeper/Dynasty 2B rankings.

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1. Ian Kinsler- While an argument can be made for Aaron Hill due to his exception numbers this season, I'm ranking Kinsler atop this list based his power/speed combo and his major league track record. While he will likely hurt you in the average department, Kinsler could be a perennial 30/30 guy and should give you consistent numbers for most categories. He always seems to get nicked up a little bit, so keep his durability in mind when drafting him.

2. Aaron Hill- Hill had a breakout season in 2009, compiling 35 home runs with more the 100 runs and RBIs. Hill isn't going to wow you with his speed but he should remain pretty consistent with his average. The question many are going to have is if he can maintain this torrid pace next year. Hill's got the tools to be successful, now we just need to see if he actually can.

3. Robinson Cano- Cano finally made it back to hitting over .300 in 2009. Many were concerned with his regression over the past two years and had begun to write him off. The new Yankee stadium sure has been kind to Cano in 2009. Cano's hit 14 home runs in his home park and currently has an OPS over .900 in the home stadium. If no changes are made to Yankee stadium, I can see Cano putting up a similar season in 2010, making him deserving of number three on the list.

4. Ben Zobrist- Zobrist is one of the surprise players this year in fantasy baseball. Since getting a full time job, Zobrist has exploded onto the scene as one of baseball's most valuable players (fantasy and real life.) Many think Zobrist is just having a career year and nothing more, but I have more confidence in him. He's been one of the most consistent players in baseball this year and has put up good numbers in every category that matters in fantasy baseball. If you can get another year of 25 HR and 15+ SBs, Zobrist will be a very valuable asset.

5. Brian Roberts- Over the last three years, Roberts has scored over 100 runs while stealing at least 35 bases each year. Not only that but he has found his home run stroke this year, hitting 16 so far. Roberts is getting up there in age, but if he can remain as consistent as he has been, I see no issues leaving him in this spot.

6. Dustin Pedroia- Last year's Most Valuable Player has had a bit of a regression from his award winning season. Sure, he's only hit four less home runs but has 20 SBs and has been thrown out 7 times, as opposed to last year's 20/1 ratio. His average has dropped significantly as have his RBI numbers and most of his stats across the board. The good news with Pedroia is that his 7 CS show that he has been running more. Not only that but he's seen a significant increase in BB% and a drop in K%. Be happy knowing that with Pedroia, you know you'll be getting a guy who will score a lot of runs, hit an occasional home run and likely steal you 20+ bases over the course of a full season.

7. Jose Lopez- After a slow start and a few slumps here and there, Jose Lopez quietly has a career high in RBIs and home runs and is currently tied with Chase Utley for 3rd in the MLB in RBIs. Lopez is still young and is just reaching him prime. If you're drafting Lopez, chances are you're getting him in later rounds. If this is the case, be happy know you've got a very underrated fantasy 2B.

8. Asdrubal Cabrera- Missing Grady Sizemore and Victor Martinez for a fair amount of the season seems to have had an effect on a few players but has not affected Cabrera. In the second half of 2009, Cabrera is hitting .311 with 4 HR and 8 SB as well as 23 doubles and an OPS over .800.

9. Howie Kendrick- To be honest, I've never been one to draft Kendrick. While he manages to get hurt a fair amount, he can remain consistent with his average and can add a little pop and speed as well. a season with an average over .300 with 12-15 HR and 10 SBs is not out of the question. Just watch out for that OPS hovering in the .700s.

10. Placido Polanco- Over the last month of the season, Polanco's ranked the number two 2B in the league. Year in and year out, Polanco puts up numbers that remain pretty consistent. Currently Polanco has 10 HR, which is the third highest total in his twelve year career. While he's not hitting near his career .304 average, Polanco is putting up more RBIs and is remaining in the exact same in the SB category with seven. If you have a lineup with guys like Carlos Pena or Adam Dunn and find yourself missing a second baseman, have no concerns about drafting Placido Polanco. The Detroit offense can be quite potent, they just need to hit at the same time.