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Andy Laroche and Chris Coghlan: 2010 NL Second Baseman

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A few weeks ago, I read an article that talked about how the Pirates are considering moving Andy Laroche to second base in 2010, to make room for either third baseman Pedro Alvarez or Neil Walker. Laroche has disappointed many roto/fantasy owners over the last few years, but moving him to 2B would probably increase his value a bit, as he could be a late bloomer. Laroche did play some 2B in the minors for the Dodgers.

In addition, the Marlins are considering trading second baseman Dan Uggla to make room for left fielder Chris Coghlan. Coghlan played 2B and 3B in the minors, but the Marlins moved him to LF to get his bat in the lineup on a daily basis. Coghlan has exceeded expectations this year, and a move to 2B would increase his value greatly.

Let's take a look at their stats:

LaRoche, Andy 3B PIT  481 56 119  9 52 49 75   3  .247 .326 .370
Coghlan, Chris 3B FLA 465 75 146  9 43 50 76   7  .314 .385 .452

Laroche has the potential to his 20 HRs in a season and hit .280-.290, but has yet to meet the expectations since he was the Dodgers number 1 prospect a few years ago. His power has yet to appear, nor his great batting eye. Could a move to 2B help him reach his potential? He will more than likely be a very late round pick either at 3B or 2B in 2010 drafts.

Coghlan would probably be the 3rd or 4th second baseman drafted in 2010 drafts should the Marlins move him there based on his double digit power, high AVG and solid runs scored. Coghlan also has the speed to steal between 20-30 bases as he stole 19 bases in 23 attempts at Single A Greensboro in 2007, and stole 34 bases in 44 attempts at AA Carolina in 2008. Coghlan is a solid 2B choice in 2010 behind the Phillies Chase Utley and the Reds Brandon Phillips.