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Add/Drop For Week 3

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There are two weeks down in the fantasy football season and your season is not going well. You've scared your children by cursing out Drew Brees. Normally fights with your wife are over finances; this time it was triggered by Frank Gore. You're asking the South African Athletics Federation to conduct gender tests on your fantasy football roster because you suspect several of them are actually women. It's OK man, I understand. Don't worry, it's only week two, there's plenty of time to rebound. Start off with a few changes to your WR corps. It'll make you feel better.


Laurent Robinson - Add him. A lot of people liked Donnie Avery's potential this season, but he's been seeing WR1-level defensive coverage and right now he's not up to it. That has left the Rams' WR2, Laurent Robinson, with some good opportunities as he has 11 catches for 141 yards and 1 TD in two games so far. Not earth-shattering, but worth a flyer if you have a bench spot.

Steve Smith - Add him. He'll be the hot wavier wire pickup after his prime-time scorching of the Cowboys, but Smith is more than the flavor of the week. Mario Manningham has had his success and seems to be the default WR1, but WR2 Steve Smith has quietly been the steadiest WR for the Blue so far. Go get him.

Mike Sims-Walker - Add him. Who the heck is Mike Sims-Walker? Beats me! He torched the Cardinalsfor 106 yards and a TD on Sunday though so that's worth a look. Holt is still the WR1 and he's attracting a lot of pass coverage because, let's face it, even opposing defensive coordinators have never heard of the other guys on Jacksonville's WR depth chart. If Sims-Walker has established himself as the WR2 with this performance, he could be a good weekly performer.


Sidney Rice - Drop him. So much wasted talent! He was saddled with Tarvaris Jackson, now he has to deal with Brett Favre. And let's face it, this team is the AP Show anyway. He won't see enough passes to be worth a spot on your fantasy roster unless Bernard Berrian goes down -- and maybe not even then.

Chris Chambers - OK, you needed another WR at the end of your draft. Phillip Rivers is a great QB, there will be plenty of passes to go around, right? You thought Chambers had a shot to be decent. It was a longshot. Don't feel bad about it, but don't hang on to him either. Chambers only has 2 catches for 30 yards this season and things won't get any better for him.

Eddie Royal - Here's a guy that looked like a great fantasy draft pick. He had solid stats (980 rec yds, 5 TDs) last season and if problem-child WR Brandon Marshall leaves the team, Royal becomes the WR1. It's a great plan! It can't fail! Wait! Yes, it can! Marshall still on the team and Royal only has 5 catches for 38 yards through two games. Worse, he's been supplanted as the Denver WR2 by Brandon Stokely. And Jabar Gaffney is seeing more work than Royal too. The Broncos seem to have extended their maddening running back by committee approach to their wide receiver corps. If you have a better option, think about cutting ties with Royal.