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Overrated Fantasy Running Backs

With most fantasy football drafts completed, there's a lot of data out there on where players have been drafted.  If you have your draft this weekend, that kind of information can be invaluable.  Here are a few RBs that I think are going way too early. 

All average draft position data is from CBS Sportsline leagues

DeAngelo Williams, CAR (ADP: 9.73) -- Last year Williams averaged 5.55 yards per carry.  As a comparison, Barry Sanders reached that level twice, in 1994 and again in 1997. Walter Payton came close (5.46) once.   Emmitt Smith never did it.  So if Emmitt couldn't do it, and Walter could barely do it once, and Barry could only do it twice in four years, you think DeAngelo Williams is going to run like that two years in a row?!  I don't.

Chris Johnson, TEN (ADP: 13.57) -- Chris Johnson had a breakout season last year, but let's remember that he only has 251career carries.  He's far from proven.  The Titans were a heavily one-dimensional team last year and in order to pump up the passing game they brought in...Nate Washington.  Ooh!  Everybody in the league knows the way to defense the Titans is to stack the line and make the passing game beat you.  Johnson should have a good season, but 13th overall?  No way.  He may not finish as the 13th best RB.

Pierre Thomas, NO (ADP: 34.94) -- He's hurt.  He's sharing time with a now-healthy Reggie Bush.  And RB Mike Bell looks very good so far.  What's the attraction?  Sure, he looked good last year, but he only has 181 career carries.  He makes Johnson look like a veteran and people are picking him up in the 3rd round?  I don't get it.  He's unproven, he's sharing time and he's on a pass-first offense.  This guy isn't even close to a third round value.