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Fantasy Baseball: NL Top 10 Starting Pitchers For 2010

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I am not one to draft a starting pitcher in the first 4-5 rounds of a straight draft, nor spend alot of money in a roto auction, but sometimes I like to switch things up. Should I do so, here is my NL Top 10 starting pitchers for 2010:

1. Tim Lincecum, Giants

2. Dan Haren, Diamondbacks

3. Cliff Lee, Phillies

4. Chris Carpenter, Cardinals

5. Adam Wainwright, Cardinals

6. Johan Santana, Mets-if he's healthy, he moves up to 3

7. Javier Vazquez, Braves

8. Wandy Rodriguez, Astros

9. Matt Cain, Giants

10. Josh Johnson, Marlins

10. (a) Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers-should he lower his walk totals, he could be top 5

I wonder how Carpenter and Wainwright will perform should Dave Duncan leave the Cardinals. Plus, they are both injury prone and it will be difficult to repeat what they have accomplished this season.

I almost put Cliff Lee at number 1, but his K's don't compare to Lincecum or Haren, although he has an other-worldly K/BB ratio in the second half this year.

I would not hesitate to drop Santana lower if he isn't healthy to start the 2010 season.