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Faketeams is Looking for Another Writer

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Faketeams is looking for another fantasy baseball writer with AL-only or mixed league experience to add to the content here on Faketeams.

Please email me at if you have interest.

Couple things to consider:

1. There is no compensation for this position, but you do get exposed to being read by the writers for some of the top fantasy sites in the industry.

2. Looking for someone to post a couple times a week.

3. The content of your post should be fantasy related, but we usually like to post about the fantasy impact of trade rumors during and after the season, or even post trade rumors of our own that would make sense for both teams involved.

UPDATE (Tuesday 9:50 pm EST): For those who have emailed me, thank you for your interest. Please be patient if I have not responded yet, as it will probably take me a few days to decide who I want to write here at Faketeams, and also give others interested to contact me.

I would like to make a decision by Sunday the latest.