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Who Would You Rather Have: Andrew McCutchen or Nate McLouth??

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I am trying to get back into writing more posts, but I have found myself very busy with our adopted daughter and a parties and weddings. Plus football started yesterday.

Today we will take a look at two NL outfielders who, in my eyes, are very comparable on paper, yet the Braves Nate McLouth will get drafted several rounds before the Pirates Andrew McCutchen. In fact, I would not be surprised to see McCutchen outperform McLouth in 2010.

Here are their stats through 9/12/2009:

McLouth, Nate CF ATL 424 71 112 24 18 61 55 80 17 0.264 0.354 0.458
McCutchen, Andrew OF PIT 351 57 95 21 11 47 41 68 16 0.271 0.348 0.459

As you can see, McCutchen has held his own in his first year in the big leagues. He may not have as much power as McLouth right now, but that could change as early as 2010. McCutchen should become a regular 35-45 SB guy. He has 3 less doubles than McLouth in 70+ less at bats showing he has the power to hit 20+ HRs.

I traded an $11 McLouth in one of my keeper leagues for a run at the title, but have a feeling I can replace him fairly easily in 2010, and that $11 (possibly more) will be spent on McCutchen. McCutchen's value may be depressed in many drafts in 2010 since he plays for the Pirates, but that is where owners can get value with McCutchen. In straight drafts, wait a few rounds and pick McCutchen rather than McLouth.