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Good News For Matt Stafford Owners

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Daunte Culpepper is clumsy as *%$#

Injuries to both Daunte Culpepper (foot) and Drew Stanton (knee) meant Stafford was Detroit's only healthy quarterback at Monday's practice.


First, Culpepper cut the top of his foot at home Saturday night. The wound required eight stitches and left him unable to practice on Monday.

"He sort of stubbed his toe, and when the skin stretched, it tore behind his middle toes," Schwartz said. "If you or I had done it and gone to the hospital, they probably would have put in two or three stitches, but they wanted to secure it tightly, so they put in eight. We'll have to wait and see about his status for Thursday."

Now let me tell you, I've tripped in my life.  I've tripped over my own feet.  I've stubbed my toe.  I've done drunken headers in the street.  I've ripped a toenail off while wearing a ski boot.  I've tripped over my infant son.  If there's a stupid thing you can do involving tripping, I've probably done it. 

But I have never -- NEVER -- heard of anybody stubbing their toe and RIPPING THEIR SKIN APART.  I'm sorry, what the hell is that?  Either that's the freakiest thing ever, or somebody is lying. 

Either way, I don't care because it means Matt Stafford is that much closer to getting the starting QB spot.  The Lions are nuts for even considering Culpepper as their QB.  Matt Stafford is going to be the man this year.  Hopefully the Lions realize that Culpepper's ability to injure himself (and the Lions) in bizarre ways isn't going to end.