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Team Fantasy Football Preview: AFC East

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Moving on to the AFC, let's see if my previous rankings make any sense...


Buffalo - This team could be the 2009 version of the Cardinals.  Well, maybe not that good.  But I'm high on QB Edwards (#8) as well as their two WRs (Owens at #16 and Evans at #23).  Marshawn Lynch will miss the first three games but I still have him in the Top 10 (#10).    Everything is place for a huge fantasy season from the Bills.  I hope I'm not overdoing it.

New England - What can you say about the Patriots?  Brady (#3), Moss (#3) and Welker (#12) are among the best in the league.  The passing game should pick up right where it left off last year and fantasy owners should benefit.   The running game will also be a force with...uh..wait.  Hang on, I don't have a single Patriot running back on my rankings.  Is that right?  Will Sammy Morris and Kevin "TD Vulture" Faulk be worth anything?  Will they split carries to the point where neither of them have fantasy value?   Will the Patriots just stop pretending they care about the run? I'm wondering if I'm missing something here.

NY Jets - What do you do with a rookie QB like Sanchez?  USC Trojans tend to be overrated in fantasy football, though QBs have been hit or miss.  Is Sanchez  (#30) more like Carson Palmer or Matt Leinart?  Without an experienced WR corps (only Cotchery makes my rankings) Sanchez should struggle, although TE Dustin Keller (#5) looks pretty good.  I do like the Jets running corps, with last season's stud Thomas "The Tank Engine" Jones ( #26) joining Leon Washington (#39) in the backfield.  Considering how little I like Sanchez and Cotchery, I should probably have at least one RB ranked higher.

Miami - The Dolphins were a surprise source of fantasy football value last year and I'm cautiously optimistic about them this year too.  Ronnie Brown (#7) looks ready to break out  while Pennington (#19) and Ginn (#29) are solid bench players.  Chris Chambers squeaks in at #49, but I really don't like him.