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Team Fantasy Football Preview: NFC West

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Wrapping up the NFC with the division that everybody forgets about, the NFC West.  I still can't remember that Seattle is in this division.

San Francisco - I like Shaun Hill this year (#20) but I'm not excited about WRs Michael Crabtree (#40) or Issac Bruce (unranked).  I can't have it both ways, I can't predict a big QB year with a crappy WR year so I'm going to have to figure out which way I want to go on that.  Some people have Frank Gore in the Top 10 but I see him as barely a Top 20 RB (#20).  He might be better than that though.  I need to think about this Niners team.

St. Louis - Guess what?  They stink.  Fantasy-wise the team starts and ends with RB Steven Jackson (#19) but if he doesn't get any support he's going to have a tough time.   QB Marc Bulger doesn't make my Top 30 and only WR Donnie Avery (#37) shows up on the WR list.  It's a fantasy wasteland under the arch.

Seattle - I see a big comeback for QB Matt Hasselbeck (#13) led by new WR Houshmandzadeh (#13) and current WR Branch (#35).  Last year's breakout TE John Carlson (#9) is also worth a look.  But I just realized I don't have a single Seattle RB in my rankings.   I'm not excited by Julius Jones, especially since there are reports that TJ Duckett is going to see more time.   Should Jones be in the Top 40 though?

Arizona - Hey, there are some good fantasy players on this team!  You know about Warner (#4), Fitzgerald (#1) and Boldin (#8).   A lot of people are fired up about the running game, with rookie Beanie Wells (#30) leading the way, but I'm not one of them.  I don't think Wells will do that..uh...well and I like Hightower's (#37) TD-vulturing abilities.