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Fantasy Baseball: Mark Reynolds A First Round Pick In 2010??

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Was reading Eric Karabell's chat on ESPN last night, and saw this question:

John (DC)

What round would you draft Reynolds in next year? First? Second?

Eric Karabell
(3:57 PM)

Haven't done my actual top-50 yet, but I'd think third round is more like it.

Reynolds is currently hitting 32-74-20-.283-.369-.589 on a bad Diamondbacks team. In NL-only leagues, I could see someone taking him late first to mid-second round. I could see him being taken late second or early third in mixed leagues.

Coming from someone who did not give Reynolds a raise in the UBA keeper league, I am happy I had him this season, but would love to have him one more year. But who saw this kind of season out of him in spring training?