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Team Fantasy Football Preview: NFC North

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More team-by-team ranking review, this time with the dysfunctional NFC North


Chicago - Here's what I think about the Bears' passing offense:  Bbbbbbppppllllh!!!   I've downgraded Jay Cutler a lot (#17) and I don't have any faith in any of the Bears receivers.  Tight end Greg Olsen (#7) will be fantasy-useful, but that's about it from the receivers.  RB Matt Forte (#4) should be the stud that everybody saw last season.  He's somebody you can ride all season long.

Green Bay - I like Aaron Rodgers (#9) and I like Jennings and Driver at WR (#4 and #21).  I think all three of those guys will probably be underrated on draft day so keep your eyes on them.   RB Ryan Grant  (#13) is a mostly invisible workhorse - the perfect RB2 for your fantasy team. 

Minnesota - Nobody knows what the hell is going on here.  Sage Rosenfels is the starting QB, unless it's Tarvaris Jackson, but it's not Brett Favre.  Bernard Berrian is the WR1, unless Sidney Rice is. Adrian Peterson is the #1 pick, unless he's due for an injury or unless Rosenfels demands to throw more or unless Harvin takes carries away.  See how clear everything is?  Other than Peterson at RB (#1) and Shiancoe at TE (#11) I can't really recommend any of these guys right now.

Detroit - Unlike the Bears, I'm big, big, big on the Lions this season.  Calvin Johnson (#6) is a stud at WR and Matt Stafford (#25) should be on your radar as well.  I have Kevin Jones as my big RB sleeper (#8) so far this summer and even rookie TE Brandon Pettigrew (#15) gets a nod.  Let your competitors laugh at the Lions, I'm telling you they are going to not-suck this year.   The Lions I mean, not your competitors.  They hopefully will suck.