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MLB Trade Rumors: Seattle Rejected Blockbuster for Felix Hernandez

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Geoff Baker from the Seattle Times wrote a piece yesterday stating that the Mariners rejected an unbelievable offer from the Boston Red Sox for Felix Hernandez. Here is what the Red Sox offered:L:

I'm told the Red Sox apparently approached the Mariners and first tried to do a Hernandez trade with Seattle exclusively. Boston wanted Hernandez and gave the Mariners a list of eight prospects, from which Seattle would be allowed to pick any five.

They included:

RHP Clay Buchholz
RHP Daniel Bard
RHP Justin Masterson
LHP Nick Hagadone
RHP Michael Bowden
LHP Felix Doubront
OF Josh Reddick
SS Yamaico Navarro

Seattle turned that down. But that was just the warm-up act to the blockbuster proposal that followed.

Hmmm....apparently Buchholz and Bard are not as untouchable as many were lead to believe.

Baker goes on to say that this was the Mariner's initial foray into seeing what value they could get in a deal for Hernandez.

From what I'm hearing, the Mariners didn't think any of the packages they were being offered would go down much in substance over the next 12 months, when they'd only have another year-plus of Hernandez under control. Why give up the extra year, their reasoning went, if they could still get a similar offer at the 2010 deadline?

Should the Mariners have accepted that offer? Getting 5 top prospects and controlling them for 6 years is hard to top, no?