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Pre-season Overreaction: QB Edition

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Football writers need something to write about, and the NFL Preseason is all there is.  Let's take a look at some of the stories from Saturday

1) Mark Sanchez is awesome

In the second quarter, Sanchez showed why Jets coach Rex Ryan has put his faith in the relatively inexperienced rookie QB. Facing a Giants blitz, Sanchez scrambled out of the pocket and, with three defenders bearing down on him, kept his eyes downfield and connected on a 31-yard pass to WR Chansi Stuckey, who made a few nifty moves inside the 5 to get into the end zone. Sanchez finished 13 of 20 for 149 yards and one touchdown in two and a half quarters of work.

Is he awesome?  No.  He might be better than expected though and as long he has the starting job, somebody in your fantasy league will start him one week.


2) Tony Romo is in trouble

Although Romo looked adequate in completing 11 of 17 passes for 125 yards, the Cowboys' starting QB threw an interception near the end zone and, more importantly, didn't have a chance to work with his top target. Williams, who missed the game because of a shoulder injury, is expected to help fill the void left by Terrell Owens' absence.

Is he in trouble?  Yes.  Romo desperately needs time with Roy Williams and he's not getting it.  And heaven help all Romo owners if Williams misses significant time (significant meaning "two games") with injury.


3) Nobody knows who's starting in Cleveland

On a windy, and at times rainy, night in Cleveland, Quinn and Anderson each displayed accurate, strong arms and showed why Mangini has indicated that the two quarterbacks were neck-and-neck in their competition for the starting job. Quinn finished with 128 yards and one touchdown on 11-for-15 passing. Anderson completed 7 of 11 passes for 77 yards.

Does anybody know?  No.  And that's insane.  I thought the Browns had learned not to yank their players around like this when they canned Romeo Crennel, but apparently not.  My bet would be on Quinn to get the starting nod, but either guy would be a good fantasy choice.  The problem is that I have this bad feeling that they might pick a guy and then replace him after 6 games or 3 games or 1 game or 1 half.   Don't laugh, the Browns have done that before.