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Team Fantasy Football Review: NFC East

Continuing a team-by-team review of my own rankings...


Philadelphia - I like McNabb as a breakout star and he's going to take Jackson (#14) and Maclin (#46) with him.  Westbrook and his injury is the big question mark and I'm hedging by putting him at #14.   I don't give much credit to Celek at TE, thinking that there just won't be enough balls to go around.  That might be wrong though, Celek may suck up the passes Maclin isn't ready to catch.

Dallas - I don't like Romo - without Owens he'll only have Witten and Williams - and I think the Cowboys are going to run the ball.  A lot.  I'm a big fan of Marion Barber but I wonder if I'm underrating Felix Jones at #38.  Witten should be the effective WR1 from the TE slot.

Washington - There are a lot of questions here and a lot of opportunity for sleepers.  I don't think Jason Campbell will have a great season, but if second year WRs Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly break out then Campbell could be huge.  I don't even have them listed on my WR rankings!  I probably need to change that.  I like Clinton Portis regardless, but he will suffer if the Redskins can't throw the ball. 

NY Giants - I am not a big fan of the Giants offense this season. Burress and Toomer and Ward are gone and the Giants have to make up the difference with a bunch of rookies and second-stringers.   I don't think they'll be able to do it as a team, but I do think that at least one of the group of Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks and/or Kevin Boss will be a huge sleeper.  I just don't know which one.   On the rushing side, Jacobs can't carry the rushing load alone and who knows if Bradshaw can help.