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Let's Draft Some Guys Who Might Not Play!

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That sounds like a bad idea, right?   But here are two guys who will be drafted in every single fantasy league and we don't know how much (or if) they'll play.

First up is the always-interesting Brandon Marshall, who was just suspended by the Broncos for being a total wanker (as the Brits would say)

The controversial wide receiver continues to make waves in Denver. He made a clown of himself Wednesday in practice, goofing off throughout.

He walked when he was supposed to jog, punted a football across the field at the end of a drill, used a blocking dummy to knock receivers off their routes instead of running his routes and knocked down a pass instead of catching it.

On Friday, the Broncos suspended him through Sept. 5 for conduct detrimental to the team, meaning he will sit out the exhibition Sunday night against the Bears.

Hey, that's great.  We have a Top 10 fantasy WR and who knows if or when he'll play.  Probably the only way you can be sure he'll play is if he gets traded, but who knows if there's any chance of that.  Draft him at your own risk and don't just assume that you can slot Eddie Royal in as a replacement Marshall.   Royal is good, but Marshall is a special talent.

Next up is #1 overall draft pick Matt Stafford, who is going to start for the Lions.  Right.  Right?!!

The Lions' quarterback competition continues between veteran Daunte Culpepper and rookie Matthew Stafford.   "It's still wide open," coach Jim Schwartz said Thursday. "The final decision has not been made."

Also great.  Now to be fair, this might just be a way for Schwartz to keep Culpepper from freaking out.  He seems a little fragile.  But these games don't really help Stafford.  Your team just went 0-16 and you made this kid the #1 overall pick.  Name him the starter and go!

I like Stafford as a fantasy option, but obviously not if he's sharing time with Culpepper.  And I wouldn't draft Culpepper if he came into my fantasy draft room throwing $100 bills around.