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Fantasy Baseball: ESPN's Eric Karabell's Top 10 for 2010

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I was checking out his Wednesday afternoon chat where he mentioned his top 10 for 2010, so I took a peek. WOW! The list has some names that I wouldn't draft in the first round in NL-only leagues.

Let's take a look:

1. Albert Pujols, Cardinals

2. Hanley Ramirez, Marlins

3. Ryan Braun, Brewers

4. Chase Utley, Phillies

5. Alex Rodriguez, Yankees

6.David Wright, Mets

7. Mark Teixeira, Yankees

8. Ian Kinsler, Rangers

9. Miguel Cabrera, Tigers

10. Jose Reyes, Mets

The two picks that stand out for me are Wright and Reyes. I think I can name about 10 guys off the top of my head that I would take before them, and a few of them are pitchers.

You can make a case for everyone else on this list to be in the top 10 except for Wright and Reyes. Wright is coming off, to me, his worst year, even before the injury. Wright will probably end the season with 8-55-74-24-.324. There are 17 other NL-only 3bman with more homers this year, and there are 9 others with more RBI. There are also 9 shortstops with more homers than Wright, including that power-hitting SS Ronny Cedeno!!

Granted, Wright does lead all NL third baseman in SBs and is second in Avg, but for me, I want a power-hitting third baseman on my team.

With Reyes, you know what you are getting with the SBs, but will he run as much next season after the hamstring injury limited him to 147 ABs and 11 SBs this season. If he doesn't steal 50+ bases, he is not a first round pick for me, even in an NL-only league.

What do you think?