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Brett Favre Will Destroy Your Season

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So here we are.  Brett Favre, back in the NFL with the Vikings.   How about that?

It's terrible, that's how it is. 

Fantasy-wise, Favre is not a good quarterback option.  He throws too many interceptions (nine in the final five games last year) and he's too likely to get hurt.   I had Sage Rosenfels slotted in as my #25 QB and that's where I'd put Favre too, right behind Matt Stafford.  That's right, the Vikings have the worst QB in the division.

For the Vikings' wide receivers, this move won't really affect their fantasy value. Berrian is still a decent option and Harvin has some potential. TE Visanthe Shiancoe might be worth a bit more. But none of them are going to be big fantasy stars.  The addition of Favre shouldn't move these guys up your draft list.  Although, if you have some Vikings fans in your league you can probably talk them into taking these guys early.

I think the biggest fantasy impact the Favre signing will have is with the running game.  Adrian Peterson is the undisputed #1 overall pick in most drafts (some leagues with QB-heavy scoring could have a Brady or Brees go first) because the Vikings offense goes through him.  You have to wonder how long that will last with Brett Favre taking the snaps.  Brett Favre doesn't retire, Brett Favre doesn't let other people tell him what to do, Brett Favre is indestructible, Brett Favre doesn't hand the ball off 34 times a game.  Brett Favre throws!!!

Listen to me and listen good: stay away from Favre and consider lowering all the Vikings on your draft list.  Don't buy this garbage about "now his arm is healed" and "he's going to be good" and "He's a Top 15 fantasy QB".  It doesn't matter, he won't and he isn't.  

When there are so many good mid-level QBs out there (Schaub, Delhomme, Pennington) why would you risk your season on Brett Favre?