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NL-Only League Trade: Matt Holliday For Josh Johnson

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I just made a trade offer in one of my NL-only leagues. It's a 10 team, 5x5 non-keeper league where I am currently in 6th place with 58 points, 1 point behind 5th (in the money) and 9.5 points behind the first place team.

I offered Josh Johnson and Juan Pierre for Matt Holliday and Micah Owings. I am currently 5th in HRs (15 behind 2nd place), and 7th in runs scored and RBI. Should I get Holliday, I think I can make up 10 points in offensive categories. I am 30 runs scored and 30 RBI from 4th place in both categories, and 2 SBs from gaining another point in SBs.

If my trade goes as planned I will make up 10 points in the offensive categories, and lose 1 point in strikeouts, wins and WHIP.

Is Josh Johnson enough or too much for Matt Holliday?