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Fantasy Baseball: Ron Shandlers' Top 5 Picks for 2010

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Since I didn't know how to promote Eric's fanpost from Friday, I am posting something similar for all to see.

Received from Baseball HQ's weekly email: Ron Shandler hosts a roto baseball chat over at USA Today every Monday, and recently received this question: "What would your Top 5 overall picks look like for Mixed Leagues heading into 2010?"

His response:

This is intriguing, particularly for those out of the hunt who are already looking ahead to next year. But how do you answer something like this? The ranking has to be some combination of stable, high performing players, minus the overachievers, plus some rising talent. And with only 5 picks, that doesn't give us a whole bunch of wiggle room.

He goes into his reasoning for picking Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols first, and why you can't discount players like Carl Crawford who was injured in 2008. Here are his top 5 for 2010:

1. Albert Pujols-Cardinals

2. Ryan Braun-Brewers

3. Matt Kemp-Dodgers

4. Carl Crawford-Rays

5. Hanley Ramirez-Marlins

I have to admit I was surprised to see Kemp 3rd. I can see maybe top 5-6 in NL only leagues, but for mixed leagues, not so sure. I guess he is factoring in more upside. Ramirez at 5 was also puzzling.

Eric opined that Shandler is placing a premium on OFers as a scarcer position going into 2010. I took a quick look at the NL outfielders, and that might be the case.