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Who Would You Rather Have: Johan Santana or Ubaldo Jimenez??

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In most NL-only drafts this year, and in my NL-only league draft, Mets pitcher Johan Santana was drafted in either the first or second round, especially with the additions of closer Francisco Rodriguez and setup man JJ Putz. The hype coming into the season for Santana more than likely pushed him into the first round, with the expectations of 20+ wins.

About 9 rounds later, Rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez was drafted in my NL-only league draft, and surprisingly to some, he has pitched as well as Santana has. Let's take a look:

Santana, Johan SP NYM 153 23 16 13 138 45 3.00 1.20
Jimenez, Ubaldo SP COL 158.3 24 17 10 140 63 3.47 1.24

So, with Jimenez you get a pitcher with similar stats to Santana, but 9 rounds later, providing much more value to your team. Alot of times in fantasy drafts, the big name players don't produce to the expectations of the crowd, or fantasy experts. Being able to look through the hype put on a big name player and valuing him for what he really is, rather than what most people expect, can lead to fantasy championships.

Instead of drafting Santana in the first round, one could have drafted a Chase Utley or Ryan Howard to bolster his offense, and drafted a pitcher like Jimenez several rounds later, and getting the same performance. Now, no one could have known Jimenez would put up similar stats to Santana, but one could see Jimenez was ready to break out after a good season in 2008, while Santana's command stats have fallen over the past several years.