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Team Fantasy Football Preview: AFC West

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Is the AFC West filled with good teams and great fantasy options? 

No.  No, it isn't.

San Diego - Some people think this offense is going to break out, but I'm not one of them.  I have Rivers (#7) in my Top 10 but only Jackson (#19) and Gates (#3) come in on my receiver rankings.  Is that enough?  Hmmm.  The running game is ranked favorably with Tomlinson (#17) and Sproles (#35) both making the list, but how likely is that?  Will they really share time?   I wouldn't be shocked if Sproles finished at #17 and Tomlinson at #35.  This is a tough team to judge.

Denver - This team is going to be good, unless  Brandon Marshall (#9) leaves town, which wouldn't surprise me.  I like Eddie Royal (#28) too, though his ranking goes down if Marshall leaves. If I like both WRs, I should really like the QB.  Kyle Orton ranks at #10.  Check.  Running back is a mess though.  Nobody knows who will start and who will finish.  Moreno tops my Broncos' RB draft list at #31, but it's certainly possible (maybe probable) that somebody else (psst..Correll Buckhalter) will be fantasy-worthy.

Kansas City - I am not impressed.  Matt Ca$$el (#16) is good and will make a fantastic QB2.  But while Kansas City has much better barbeque than Boston, it doesn't have better blocking.  Always-grumpy RB Larry Johnson (#22) isn't somebody I'd want to depend on.  I do like WRs Bowe (#15) and Engram (#47) though so I don't want to downplay this offense too much.  This is a good but not great offense and guys like Cassel and Bowe will provide some great games.

Oakland -  The best fantasy player on this team is TE Zach Miller (#12).  There you go.  QB JaMarcus Russell isn't ranked and only one WR (Darrius Heyward-Bey at #42) makes the rankings.  Can the passing game REALLY be that bad?  Maybe I'm being too hard on them.  RB Darren McFadden (#29) should establish himself this season - but that's what everybody said last season.  Justin Fargas (not ranked) could run for 1000 yards again.