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Team Fantasy Football Preview:AFC North

My team review of the AFC North, guaranteed Vick-free!


Pittsburgh - This team just won the damn Super Bowl and I don't like them.  Why is that?  Roethlisberger (#11) is ranked highly on my list but I really don't like Holmes (#24) or Ward (#34).  I think I probably need to change that one way or the other.  I'm lukewarm on Parker (#27) and I don't even have Mendenhall listed.   I really need to do some work on this team.

Cincinnati - Now I'm all about the Bengals.  I like Palmer's (#14) chance at a big comeback, I'm high on the Ochocinco Man (#10) and I think Coles (#22) is going to be a fantastic WR2.  I even like poor old Cedric Benson (#18).  I've got a fever and the only cure is "More Bengals!"   Man, that can't be right, can it?  Are they really going to be that good?

Cleveland - I don't think the Browns are going to be any good, but they could still be a source of fantasy points.  Brady Quinn (#28) probably won't do well, and he might not even get the starting job if Derek Anderson outplays him in camp.   But there isn't enough data on Quinn to be sure - he might have a very good Joe Flacco-ish season.  Braylon Edwards (#20) could be that traditional "great fantasy WR on a terrible team" but without Dante' Stallworth (#657312A) it's hard to see if that will be enough.   RB Jamal Lewis (#23) is solid but uninspiring.   I really don't like any of them, but I can't shake the feeling that maybe somebody could break out.

Baltimore - What to do with them?  Joe Flacco (#26) should be line for a nice sophomore season improvement, but with Derrick Mason retiring he's stuck.  He really only has Mark Clayton (#41) and he's not all that good.  The running game is a mess with McGahee  (#28) as the (apparent) RB1 and the unranked Rice and McClain stealing lots of carries.    Their defense will keep them in games but it won't help your fantasy team when they win 10-3.