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Trade Deadline Deal: Who Wins In This Deal?

I am currently in 6th place in my "big" NL-only 5x5 league, and after recently just trading Josh Johnson for Brad Hawpe, I am looking for more offense. In addition to the Johnson deal, I just traded Joel Piniero for closer Rafael Soriano, as I am about 8 saves from 2nd palce in saves, which would mean 2 points in the standings.

My recent offer is to the first place team, who just recently lost starting pitcher Chad Gaudin to the Yankees, and has no reason to keep a power bat in his lineup as he is last in HRs and RBIs.

My offer is Ricky Nolasco, Everth Cabrera and Ryan Garko for Matt Kemp, David Eckstein and Chad Gaudin-I get a free roster move for Gaudin.

Who wins in this deal. I get the Kemp end of the deal. Should I move Nolasco, I may lose a point in wins and strikeouts, but with Hawpe, can gain a bunch in the power categories-HRs and RBI, as I already have Joey Votto, Geovany Soto, Rick Ankiel, Carlos Lee, Adam Dunn, Manny Ramirez and Jayson Werth.