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Michael Crabree Might Want To Find Better Advice

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Niners' WR Michael Crabtree is still holding out of camp, looking for big, big money.  Apparently, he's taking advice from his cousin David Wells, a former bail bondsman.  Deadspin has the rundown on this Wells guy.

•Arrested for stealing boxing gloves from the Dallas Police Athletic League.

•Banned for life by USA Boxing over allegations of misuse of funds.

•Served as the omnipresent bodyguard shoving reporters out of the way for Michael Irvin after his arrest for possession.

•Indicted for serving as a private investigator with a license that had lapsed four years earlier, but exonerated after a dubious receipt appeared showing he had renewed it.

•Let off the hook for $50,000 when one of his clients skipped town, after a dubious document appeared showing he had warned the county.

•Started a security company with a court bailiff, which is illegal due to conflict-of-interest rules.

So basically, this guy hasn't shown great judgement.  Now here we have Crabtree who's taking this guy's advice to hold out.  Great.  

This holdout could on for a while, so fantasy-wise Crabtree's value is drying up.  Rookie WRs are almost always a bad fantasy bet, rookie WRs who miss camp are even less valuable.   Crabtree should be moving down your draft list when you hear things like this.  He's moving down mine.