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Tim Lincecum: Top 5 Draft Pick in 2010?

On the heels of Tim Lincecum's 15 strikeout performance earlier this week vs the Pirates, I was having a conversation with an owner in another league yesterday, and he made a statement that got me thinking about where Lincecum's draft position in 2010.

The owner said you can make a case for drafting Lincecum # 1 in an NL only league, and I couldn't disagree, but you really have to consider Albert Pujols at #1. He agreed. But where does Lincecum get drafted in an NL-only or mixed league in 2010?

Here are Lincecum's stats for 2009:


Lincecum 148.7 21 17 4 11 3 0 0 183 40 116 2.30 1.05

In 148.7 innings, he has 183 strikeouts and he has 17 quality starts in 21 games started. Not too shabby. His K/BB ratio is over 4:1. These are stats that will probably result in another Cy Young award for Lincecum.

So where do faketeamers think Lincecum will be drafted in NL-only and mixed leagues in 2010? I think he goes top 5 in NL-only leagues, and I am never one to draft a pitcher that high. But with so many 1st round picks coming off injury or having sub-par seasons in 2009, you have to draft someone you can rely on in the first round, someone who you know will provide consistent performance vs last season. In NL-only leagues, guys like Jose Reyes, David Wright, Manny Ramirez, Carlos Beltran and Jimmy Rollins were all 1st round picks in 2009, and have had sub-par performances for their owners. You can say the same about Grady Sizemore and Alex Rodriguez in mixed leagues as well.