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Fantasy Football Bust: QB Jay Cutler

You probably have the Bears' Matt Forte near the top of your running back draft list -- as you should.   I doubt you have a single Chicago wide receiver in the top fifty slots of your wide receiver draft list -- as you should.  Without at least one reliable wide receiver, the fantasy fortunes of the Bears quarterback look bleak once again.

Even if that quarterback is now Jay Cutler.

Cutler's ugly exit from Denver might have soothed his ego, but it crippled his fantasy value.  The Bears run the ball, a lot, every game.  Even if they wanted to throw more often (which they don't) they simply don't have any decent wide receivers. A WR tandem of Devin Hester and Rashied Davis is not going to get Cutler even close to last season's fantasy value.  Besides, the Bears have maybe the best young RB in the game in Matt Forte and four of their last seven games are in the wintery bluster of Soldier Field (and one game at Baltimore in December is no picnic either). How much passing do you think they're going to do?

The days of 4,500 passing yards for Cutler are long gone, so make sure you don't draft him based on last year's stats.