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Fantasy Football Sleepers: QB Trent Edwards

Which NFL quarterback has two wide receivers coming off 1000+ receiving yard seasons AND a running back coming off two straight 1000 rushing yard seasons?  Is it Brady?  Manning?  Warner?  No, it's Buffalo's Trent Edwards and he's the next big fantasy breakout QB.

The addition of Terrell Owens not only gives Edwards a Pro Bowl target, it makes the underrated Lee Evans even better.  Running back Marshawn Lynch is always a threat -- especially when he's behind the wheel of a car.  On the field, Lynch's talent ensures the opposition can't focus solely on defending the pass.

The loss of tackle Jason Peters and Lynch's early-season suspension doesn't help but the Bills signed veteran RB Dominic Rhodes to fill-in/compliment Lynch and spent first and second round draft picks on offensive lineman.  Trent Edwards now has all the pieces in place to have a breakout fantasy season.