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MLB Trade Rumors: Jeff Francoeur To Kansas City Royals Not Dead Yet

Uber-tweeter Will Carroll tweets:

injuryexpert RT @Jbowdeniv: Francoeur to Royals not dead......... "I'm not dead." "He'll be dead any minute." "I'm feeling much better!"

If I were a Royals fan, I'd be hoping the Atlanta Braves were taking back very little, but I fear Francoeur's contract status (2nd year arbitration eligible) will mean a viable major leaguer/top prospect will be leaving the organization. Jose Guillen's $12MM 2010 salary would make it palatable, I guess.

Worse, if I were a Royals' fan, the best part of that tweet was the reference to one of the greatest comedies of all time - Monthy Python and the Holy Grail.