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MLB Trade Rumors: Padres Trade Scott Hairston To The A's

The Padres have traded OFer Scott Hairston to the A's for two minor league pitchers, AAA Ryan Webb and A Craig Italiano, and a PTBNL. Twitter first reported it, with providing the details..

I am not sure if this deal will lead to the A's trading Matt Holliday, but that is the first thing that entered my mind when I saw the headline on twitter.

#Padres trade Hairston to A's for two Minor League pitchers and PTBNL.

My second thought about this deal is that the Padres are ready to let power htting prospect Kyle Blanks play everyday in LF.

Hairston has been one of the Padres better hitters this year hitting .307-.364-.547 with 10 HRs, 29 RBI and 8 SBs. I imagine he will play one of the OF spots in Oakland. Hairston's bat will be an improvement versus who the A's are running out there everyday in Travis Buck and Ryan Sweeney, at least until Matt Holliday is dealt.