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Exploring Where Mike Vick Would Fit Best

There's a great article in USA Today covering all 32 NFL teams and reviewing how (or if) Mike Vick would fit.  Good reading.  The article gives the best odds to the 49ers, Bills and and Cowboys (in that order)

-- 49ers: Mike Singletary sure has seem intrigued, hasn't he? And he wants to run the ball, doesn't he? And he still can't make himself give Shaun Hill a vote of confidence, though it would seem he's earned it, right?

-- Bills: Buffalo, Terrell Owens' new employer, seems to be in a playoffs-or-bust mentality. Why not? Trent Edwards has hardly established himself as the answer under center.

-- Cowboys: Like Jerry Jones has ever run from a public relations challenge. It's also easy to see Vick's talents incorporated into an offense that lacks proven receivers and would rely on Jon Kitna if Tony Romo goes down again.

Personally I think his most likely options are Dallas, Jacksonville and New England (not necessarily in that order).

The Cowboys, mostly because they need to put butts in seats in their new SuperStadium. 

The Jaguars, mostly because (as the article notes) they have nothing to lose

The Patriots, mostly because they have enough goodwill to survive the bad PR, the fans in Boston don't care as long as the Pats win, and because the Patriots would probably be unstoppable if they made the move.

Here's to hoping that he gets reinstated and ends up somewhere.  The man needs to play.