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MLB Trade Rumors: Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell to the Marlins for Prospects?

I was out getting ice cream with my daughter and some neighbors when I got a text from my brother. The text said that during the Marlins-Braves game last night, there was speculation that the Marlins would deal pitching prospect Andrew Miller, AA outfielder Mike Stanton and AAA outfielder Cameron Maybin to the Padres for Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell.

Now, I am not certain if this was just the two announcers going back and forth with what it would take for the Marlins to haul in Gonzalez and Bell, or if there truly was some truth to this rumor. We all know that the Marlins are desperate for a closer, and they are rumored to be talking to the Padres about Bell, so it is quite possible.

I would think if there is some truth to this, that the Padres may want another prospect or two thrown into the deal as both AGonz and Bell are pretty cheap for the next few seasons.

Can the Padres do better elsewhere? Maybe Buchholz and Bowden from the Red Sox for AGonz?