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MLB Trade Rumors: Seattle Mariners, Garrett Atkins And The Pittsburgh Pirates Not Done Yet?

The Seattle Times peculates the Mariners could deal for Colorado Rockies' 3B Garrett Atkins of part of the package leaving Seattle includes pitcher Miguel Batista. This follows earlier reports that the San Diego Padres were having discussions about dealing 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff.

Either player would offer more than the current situation of Chris Woodward and others who can't wrest the position from him. The question, as always, will revolve around finances and prospects involved. With the Mariners having no 3B solutions for 2010, Atkins (3rd year arbitration eligible) or Kouzmanoff (1st year) would settle the situation, too.

Expect that to be included in any trade proposal from the Rockies or Padres.

In others trade rumors, SBNation's MLB Daily Dish reports sources have confirmed the Minnesota Twins are interested in Pittsburgh Pirates' veterans Freddy Sanchez and Matt Capps. While neither is mentioned in the local papers, the interest seems plausible.

2B Alexi Casilla has failed miserably following last season's breakout and 3B Joe Crede can't hit despite double digit HRs. Sanchez would offer improvements at either position. As for Capps, I highly doubt the Twins would meet the price tag of a proven, 25-year-old closer.