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MLB Trade Rumors: Nick Johnson To The Giants?

I was listening to Christopher Russo's Maddog Unleashed show yesterday afternoon as he was intereviewing's Gordon Edes. Edes was quite confident that the Giants were looking for bats and that Nationals first baseman Nick Johnson would land in San Francisco.

It appears that the Nats are cleaning up the house that Jim Bowden built, and it makes sense that they deal Nick Johnson to make room for....for...Brad Eldred? I assume he will be just a fill in at this point as Adam Dunn can easily move over to 1B with Josh Willingham, also rumored to be on the move, taking over in LF. Nyjer Morgan takes over in CF with Willie Harris and Austin Kearns sharing time in RF.

The Giants have one of the better farm systems in baseball, but I don;t see them dealing one of their top prospects for Nick Johnson. More than likely, they may deal recently demoted starting pitcher Jonathan Sanchez for Johnson, which wouldn't be a bad return for the Nationals.