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MLB Trade Rumors: Padres Listening To Offers For Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell??

We posted the reasons why the Padres should deal both Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell a week or two ago, and now there are several rumors out that Padres GM Kevin Towers may be listening to offers for both of his All-Stars.

Joel Sherman from the NY Post reported yesterday the following on Heath Bell:

An NL official said not to believe that San Diego closer Heath Bell is only available at an exorbitant price. "I think the Padres realize that this is the moment when you can get your best deal for (Bell). He gets expensive next year, and there is no reason to have an expensive closer on a bad team."

Then's Jon Heyman tweeted the following yesterday:

#padres tell teams they want to fill "multiple' needs if bell's dealt: needs? corner bat, starter, catcher, middle infield

Then Corey Brock, the Padres beat reporting for posted the following in his blog asking Padres fans their thoughts on dealing both AGonz and Bell:

But imagine if you sold high on Gonzalez right now what that could net you in return. Three or four players, some Major League ready, some close, maybe some top-level prospect to help fill a system that is currently devoid of such players.

Here's the deal: The Padres will never be a team that makes a big splash in free agency due to the contracts these players command AND get. Promoting from within is a great way to go but as evidenced by this season, those players ARE already here. If there's hope coming from the farm system, it's not going to be here this year or possibly even next.

Brock makes a good point. How can the Padres start rebuilding if their best prospects are already playing in San Diego?