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MLB Trade Rumors: Clay Buchholz for Roy Halladay??

Gordon Edes from Yahoo Sports wrote on the talks between the Blue Jays and the Red Sox last night whereby the Red Sox would actually trade their top pitching prospect Clay Buchholz and one of AA first baseman Lars Anderson, AAA pitcher Michael Bowden and reliever Justin Masterson, and some lesser prospects for Roy Halladay. It appears that Sox GM Theo Epstein is willing to deal his top prospects for a shot at the World Series, contrary to earlier reports.

The Red Sox have listed Daniel Bard and Casey Kelly as "untouchable" for now. I am sure Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi will have something to say about that before Friday in the on-again, off-again Roy Halladay trade rumor of the day.

I wonder what the Red Sox nation thinks about this potential deal? Is this offer better than what Ricciardi asked of the Phillies-AA pitcher Kyle Drabek, major league pitcher J.A. Happ and single A outfielder Dominic Brown?