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MLB Trade Rumors: 3-Way Deal Involving Roy Halladay??

Ed Prtce from AOLFanhouse tweeted the following trade rumor last night:

Could #RedSox be working a 3-way? They're monitoring #Dodgers farm. Halladay to LAD, bat to Bos? Only a guess. Or maybe just reliever to LA.

I am surprised the Red Sox are scouting the Dodgers farm system, but anything is possible with GMs Theo Epstein and Ned Colletti. Both of these GMs got together last year on the blockbuster deal that netted the Dodgers Manny Ramirez, the Red Sox Jason Bay, and the Pirates 4 prospects. Could they get together again on a blockbuster deal?

How about Roy Halladay to the Dodgers, Scott Rolen to the Red Sox, and a plethora of prospects to the Blue Jays? The list of prospects could include major league pitcher James McDonald, AAA pitcher Michael Bowden, AAA pitcher Daniel Bard, AAA pitcher Scott Elbert, AA outfielder Andrew Lambo, High-A 3B Josh Bell and AAA pitcher Josh Lindblom.

Is that enough? Dodgers GM Ned Colletti was quoted over the weekend as saying the Blue Jays want 5-6 prospects for Halladay, so I listed 7.